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1990 was a long year and we are all out of hot water now - jordaan mason and the horse museum


Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museum - Organs For Oceans
he slept in my bed after i filled his body with 
insects & panic & grandfather sewn seeds 
i was useless inside him; trade organs for oceans 
is there a vaccine for this? 
to clean out all the unborn kids 
(a whole graveyard here in this bed) 
he broke me good where the landlord left scars 
emptied all the bedrooms to reclaim the stretchmarks 
we were to our throats in grass! 
we tore down the treehouses! 
and our brothers were kindling for the lovesongs that we couldn’t sing 
because we drowned all our songs in the bathtub 
(you could hear them way up in the rafters) 
and the preachers sleeping in the attic stole them all for scriptures 
we sing nothing, now; our mothers ask us how 
we pray with the lights out for songs to fill our mouths


Pony | Genuwine

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